WEDDING PHOTOS, MEMORIES captured for generations to come

  • Pre wedding photos
  •   Preparations, hairdresser, get ready, …
  • staged photos in a park, on the beach in a garden…
  • I can capture it all up to the last dance, entirely up to your likes



One, two, kiss/ smile… I’m not doing that with you. It is YOUR wedding, just enjoy the moment and don’t think about photos. For this photo I waited for the right moment, maybe I do a series of  10 photos, to pick the best photo. All this will happen very quiet, my cameras do not make much noise. I do not work in situations like this with flashlight, that is to interrupting.



At this wedding I was just like one of the guests, in the middle when all was happening. This photo is not staged, just catching the right moment, the right impression, positioning myself so that the light is good, the background is not to busy and very important that I’m not in the way of family and guests. If wanted, I can photoshop the background away and replace it. For this photo I did not do so to keep it more realistic.