Hi, my name is Sebastian

“I’m a maker, not a taker, nor a shooter”

I’m born in Neanderthal Germany ( I’m able to make tools with Flintstones like the Neanderthaler)  Early on I loved stones and gems so I became a jeweller,- master jeweller,  gem stone setter, diamond grader… I love making jewellery, and taking making photos. I started photography in the age of 10, my father photography inspired me. A little older I assisted my friend Helmut, a wedding photographer. I learned making photos even with large format cameras, like a 100 years ago… When my friend Helmut retired I did some wedding photography as a second job, working full time as a jeweller.

2004 I came to Australia to work at Paspaley Pearls as a jeweller, that’s what I’m still doing full time.

And there is Photography, a part of my live, my passion my addiction.

The old film cameras are retired and I do all of my photo work in digital now.

I’m father of 4 children, so a lot of children photography has been done, ongoing…

2016 a farmers market in Malak came alive, very close from where I live. Great fun making photos for the Malak Marketplace, the atmosphere and the food, yummy… Some of my photo models I eat! During the dry season you can find me nearly each Saturday at the market, making photos. Find my photos here: Malak Marketplace

I love making photos of real live, candid,  positive, the best moments, stories, emotions … catching the atmosphere, the moment, for generations to come.

If you like my photographic work and you are looking for wedding -, children -, event -, photos, feel free to contact me.


Small and quiet cameras give me the chance to capture more candid moments like here at the hairdresser.